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Conforto mágico

- [Kres] Magical Movie Marathon Set

Time for a magical movie marathon with our set for Epiphany! It includes: Bento animated Sofa (Pg or Adult version sold separately) - 16Li Rug - 4Li TV cabinet - 2Li TV (Prop) - 1Li Candy Bowl - 1Li Popcorn Cauldron - 1Li Plant - 1Li All the animations in the sofa are bento, and the adult includes INM, Aeros and lovebridge integration. Please note no hud is included in this set, it comes in the shown colours only.

- [Kres] Undead Unicorn Pack

Want to do something fun for Halloween? How about a game! MadPea's Cirque du Mystere will be launching on the 17th of October full of deadly puzzles, achievements and our Undead Unicorns! You can find out more about it here Or head to the MadPea sim on the 17th to take part

- [Kres] Frank the Dog Butler

Every wanted to be waited on hand and...paw? Now you can with Frank, the dog Butler! This handy little table comes in 8 colours and 6 patterns. They are 2Li each and Copy/mod. You can get yours at this round of Man Cave.

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