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♥ Kaithleen's ♥

- Kaithleen's Beach Bar Outfit

❤ You can grab separate single body fatpacks for 399 L$ per design, the Straw Hat fatpack is sold separately for 199 L$ or the entire fatpack including the set for all bodies and the hat for 1599 L$. ❤ The outfit is fitted for : Maitreya Lara - Lara Petite - Legacy - L. Perky - Legacy PushUp - Perky Push Up - eBody Reborn - R. Juicy Boobs - R. Mounds - R. Waifu - R. Waifu+Juicy Rolls - Belleza X.Gen Classic - Belleza X.Gen Curvy - Kupra Original

Available at the EQUAL10!

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