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Winter days


- GOOSE - Skilift Swing

New Skilift Swing seats.

20 single - 8 couple cuddle

They come in 10 included colors.

Available at the Cosmopolitan Event


- FNY Designs - Cute Snowman Set

3 versions included

Regular, melting & Melted

100% original mesh

Copy / Mod

1LI each

Available at the Cosmopolitan Event

In World

>>The Green Door<<

- The Green Door- Hoffman Cottage

The Hoffman Cottage is a low-land impact home featuring an open plan with living space and kitchen dining area, a separate bedroom and a two-way fireplace shared by the living and bedroom. Wooden beams and stone walls give this home a rustic cabin in the woods feel. Perfect for a winter vacation getaway or a home in the woods. Approximately 22x17 meters 38 LI

25% off at Cosmopolitan Event now through November 27th:


>>Little Branch<<

- The Little Branch - ElmTree.v2

Elm Tree by The Little Branch is a new release that is now available at The Men's Department Elms are stately and majestic trees that are an asset to any landscape. Elms are loved for their graceful, stately shape, with branches like spreading fountains, and green leaves that turn gold in fall. The easy to grow, very hardy and tolerant tree will live for 300 years or more. American Elm is a highly desirable shade tree with moderately dense foliage and a symmetrical crown in a broad or upright vase shape. When used as a street tree, shallow roots may displace sidewalks These 100% original mesh creations are highly detailed with realistic textures resulting in a true, life-like appearance. Owner permissions allow Copy & Modify to ensure that each item can be adapted to suit your unique needs and have a land impact value of 3 to 7 Li. After the event you will find the products at The Little Branch In-World Store or on MarketPlace

In World

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