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FNY Designs - Salem a Witcher's Cat - Animesh Companion

Available at Enchantment - Toss a Coin to your Witcher from Aug 14th - Sept 4th. Even the darkest lady or toughest guy need's a companion. Salem can be anything you want it to. A cute velvet paw or a bad and bloody beast. It is available in three different fur colors. Every version includes a optional body texture with scars and different eye textures like regular cat eyes, blind eyes and daemon eyes. Salem offers you a complex animesh engine with avatar mimics, static poses for photos, idle animations as attached version and key motion framed ai wandering, follow owner and follow friends as rezzed version. Salem's Pillow (Pet Bed) is sold separately for single versions and included in the fatpack. It offers 5 different colors in texture changer and allows you to call the rezzed version of Salem and let it walk to the pillow, lay down and play a exclusive animation sequence which is only available for owners of Salem's Pillow.

In World

>>Bloom! Furniture & Decor<<

- Bloom! - Harley Chair purple(PG) (Adult)

Available in 3 colors

- Bloom! - Deco Frames BlueAD

Available in 3 colors

In World

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