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FNY / The Green Door

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:FNY: Designs - Dead Douglas Fir Trees - Seasonal | 100% Mesh

This seasonal set of 7 different dead/sick trees comes with a regular, a light snow and a winter texture in menu. All texture changes apply both to the selected tree and all linked trees. This makes it easy for you changing the season for large amounts of trees with just one click.

[VERSIONS & LAND IMPACT] :FNY: Designs - Broken Fir Large - 5 Prim :FNY: Designs - Broken Fir Small - 2 Prim :FNY: Designs - Broken Fir Stump - 1 Prim :FNY: Designs - Dead Fir Small - 3 Prim :FNY: Designs - Dead Fir Large - 5 Prim :FNY: Designs - Sick Fir - 8 Prim :FNY: Designs - Sick Fir Roots - 10 Prim

Available at the mainstore and marketplace


>>The Green Door<<

~The Green Door~ - Preston House

The Preston House is a two-story, 2 bedroom/1 bath country-contemporary home available in 6 color choices.

Features Home Control system for door security and interior wall color change.

Each room has 6 color options.

121 LI and approximately 21x29.3 meters.

Fits nicely in a 1024 parcel.

Exclusively available at Cosmopolitan for 20% Off January 24 through February 5th.


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