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- :FNY: Delivery - Interactive Betta Bowl

The Siamese freshwater fighting fish have been domesticated for at least 1,000 years, among the longest of any fish. Bettas are native to Southeast Asia and well known for being highly territorial. Bettas are exceptionally tolerant of low oxygen levels and poor water quality, owing to their special labyrinth organ, that allows for the intake of surface air. Their long history of selective breeding has produced a wide variety of coloration and finnage. Take care of your own Betta in Second Life now with our high detailed and realistic "Betta Bowl Aquaristics Simulation". If you just want to use this as a nice decoration for your home or office, our Betta Bowl includes an Automode what can do all the fish keeping and maintenance for you. You are also able to define family members or friends as fish keepers, helping you doing the maintenance if you don't use the automode.

- Soccer ball beer mug

The World Cup has finally started. It's a big event that comes once every four years, but apparently in Qatar you can't watch the game while drinking beer. So we made a beer mug in the shape of a soccer ball so that you can enjoy watching soccer on SL. Enjoy the World Cup with your friends and family!

Dispenser and Holdable

Bento Animation and Bent Hold pose

Available at the mainstore

- Lagom - Vlogger corner

Whether youre doing the one chip challenge a makeup tutorial or just telling the world about your adorable cat. This vlogger corner is for you! Included is: Chair Backdrop Table Ringlight hanging candles. And the huds! With a bunch and bunch of colors.

Available at Equal10 Event


Copy / Mod

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

- .BF. Madson Outfit

14 colors + 6 prints

Exclusive Fatpack.

Top and Belt HUD in Single Colors


Legacy, Erika, Reborn

Try the DEMO Before purchase

Available at Tres Chic


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