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:FNY: Designs

Atualizado: 20 de ago. de 2021

You are sad of low quality sculpted palms and alpha errors? Check our high quality and ultra realistic mesh palms out. They are coming with an realistic shape and double sided faces for the leaves. No circled planes, no alpha overlapping or errors!

This Landscaping Mega Set includes ALL Clusters, Trios and Pairs and give you in addition also 5 single palms which are not sold separately.

In addition you will get some fallen palm leaves ground and Coconut fruits tree decor for free included in each set.

This Pool Scene comes with a detailed physics shape (no rebuildet invisible prims), baked textures (shadows are'nt on seperate prims) over 150 different HQ Animations (95 if you don't count the Couples twice), different Decor Sets and also virtual Water both for pool and shower. All functions are menu driven. Just click the pool, shower or animated prims (if rezzed) and choose what you want to do. The Scene also comes with a surrounding ground cover for helping you to fit it into your land. If you don't need it, just unlink it and delete it.


Size: Ground Cover = 27m x 25m Pool = 19m x 17m Max Users: 10 (at the same time) Land Impact: 31

[ANIMATIONS] The Shower Animations are rezzed with the build. All other Animation Engines are rezzed by Menu to make this pool available for up to 10 Users at the same time.

SHOWER (Shower, Cuddle, Adult) 1 Male 1 Female 5 Couple (10 Single Animations) 8 XXX (16 singe Animations)

Sitter 2 has to click the circle ground prim

TOWEL (Sits by Side) 7 Female 6 Male

Second Sitter is placed on the diving board.

FLOATY DUCK (Swim, Dive, Cuddle) 2 Dive 8 Single 5 Couple (10 Single Animations)

Second Sitter has to click the lower part of the floaty

LOUNGERS (Sun, Sits, Sleeps, Cuddle, Adult) 5 Sunning 5 Sleep 9 Couples (18 Single Animations) 32 XXX (64 Single Animations) 7 Sits

The Loungers are used separately. Second Sitters have to click the rest.


POOL & LOUNGERS Virtual Water FULL - 1 Prim Virtual Water LOW - 1 Prim Litter Set - 12 Prim Adult Litter Set - 11 Prim Pool Floaty (Animation Engine) - 2 Prim Lounger (Animation Engines) - 2 Prim each Towel (Animation Engine) - 3 Prim

You can rez and derez all Items and Decor Sets by using the Main-Menu of the Pool.

SHOWER Virtual Water Shower - 1 Prim Litter Set - 1 Prim XXX Litter Set - 2 Prim

Shower Decor is only rezzable when the Shower is in use and will be derezzed while unsit.

[INCLUDES] Abandoned Pool 2 old sun lounges different dirty towels old outdoor shower Old Rubberduck Pool Floaty broken diving board ground cover prim Different Decor Sets

This set comes with all shown decor: The Motorboat itself with different sit & lay animations, Cliffs, Beachpart, Pebbles, Driftwood and caution tape. The not animated water prim is optional to show you where water should be. ;)

[MESH MODELS & LAND IMPACT] Motorboat - 17 Prim Beach - 2 Prim Cliffs - 3 Prim Pebbles - 1 Prim Driftwood & Warning Tape - 1 Prim

24 Prim LI in total

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