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Ela carrega aquele brilho no olhar…

{Flair 'n' Style} Swirl Lollipop (Special Edition)

Bento Hold Animation 6 lollipop colors 1 color set of bundles Female & Male included *AO friendly*

-Sorumin- Hello Fall SET @ Anthem

New release for Anthem is ready! Please, try DEMO first! Sizes: Legacy | Perky | Perky Petite Maitreya | Petite Kupra | Kups Copy, no transfer, no modify. Fatpack is modify.

-Sorumin- School handbag @ School day

New release for School day! I little tired with creating clothing so here is different release for you :D Copy, no transfer, modify.

Lagom - Bow Beret

Event: blanc.

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