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Erfe Arch & Design / Lagom

- Home Decor Plant with pot-2 2LI [Erfe Design]


Available at the mainstore

- Spartan Love decorative set 6 LI [Erfe Design]


Available at the mainstore

- Lagom - Fuzzy Sofa

Find comfort and relaxation in the Lagom- Fuzzy Sofa & Chair, NEW and out now at Equal10.

Add these to any space for a bit of a fun & festive touch!

The Fuzzy Set comes with a full HUD of 30 designs & colors.


Sofa LI - 18

Chair LI - 6

Available at Equal10

- Lagom - 90's Cassette rugs

When you'd tirelessly wait for the DJ to play your song 🎵 request on the radio, and you just couldn't hit that record button fast enough!

Oh how we LOVE those Mix Tapes!!❤️ 

Out for the December round at Euphoria, the Lagom - 90's Cassette Rugs. Plain/Fuzzy, low prim & 5 different colors.


Available at Euphoria

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