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Como não sorrir quando estou com vocês nesse lugar maravilhoso?

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These are original mesh dock sets offering tons of variety to meet your dock needs. The are easy to resize (using edit mode) so the LI can be as low as you want. The dock sets come in 2 different textures... light and rustic. The sets include: *4 separate docks - 2 corner docks, a plain dock and a long dock *Steps *1 single pole and a pole with rope... which you can use to add to any of the docks or even create your own fence!

Available at Cosmopolitan Event

- GOOSE - Lifeguard raft

You can now become the lifeguard at your local beach with this new Lifeguard raft.

- [Kres] Flirty Floatie

Get flirty on our new floatie! It comes with a hud that lets you turn off the neons altogether if you prefer and gives your the ability to mix and match 16 colours, 10 patterns, 8 chasing neons and 13 static neons! All of the animations are bento and the adult version has Aeros, Physics cock and V support, LoveBridge and It's Not Mine compatibility - including a cleaning menu after getting messy with It's not Mine! In World

what you get here is a mesh coconut rezzer which rezzez two different mesh coconuts every 60 seconds that look like coconuts in a state they really could drop from a palm. The rezzer itself is a coconut shrub which decorates out every palm in a nice way. You are able to activate and deactivate the rezzer by a menu and there is also the possibility to rez Coconuts manually.

Thought thats all? No! The coconuts are interactive. If you or one of your users clicks them, they grab it and get a menu for cracking the coconut. Whats left behind are some coconut shells and a auto attached object which animates the avatar.

Coconut 1 gives a drink-coconut and set the user in a drinking pose.

Coconut 2 gives a piece of coconut and set the user in a eating pose.

The coconuts and coconut shells are temp-objects disappearing after 60 seconds and not counting against your Prim Limit.

So this coconut rezzer is kind of fun for you and your visitors.


Just move the rezzer to the top of a palm in a way you like it and click it. Choose REZZER ON in menu and see coconuts dropping.


Coconut Rezzer Shrub = 2 Prim

Coconut Rezzer if activated = 4 Prim

Coconuts = 1 Prim each (temp)

Coconut Shells = 2 Prim (temp)

Drinking Coconut = 3 Prim (temp)

Piece of Coconut = 1 Prim (temp)

If you do not need the coconut shrub as a decoration or if you are low at prims, just move the coconut shrub to it's final position, activate the rezzer and delete the shrub. The 2 invisible rezzer prims will left back rezzing coconuts.


Standing Eating Pose

Standing Drinking Pose

You are sad of low quality sculpted palms and alpha errors? Check our high quality and ultra realistic mesh palms out. They are coming with an realistic shape and double sided faces for the leaves. No circled planes, no alpha overlapping or errors!

This Landscaping Mega Set includes ALL Clusters, Trios and Pairs and give you in addition also 5 single palms which are not sold separately.

In addition you will get some fallen palm leaves ground and Coconut fruits tree decor for free included in each set.

[VERSIONS & LAND IMPACT] :FNY: Designs - Half Dried Palm - 2 Prim :FNY: Designs - Dried Palm - 2 Prim :FNY: Designs - Broken Palm Leaning - 3 Prim :FNY: Designs - Dead Palm - HighLOD - 5 Prim :FNY: Designs - Dead Palm - LowLOD - 1 Prim :FNY: Designs - Dried Leaning Palm - HighLOD - 5 Prim :FNY: Designs - Dried Leaning Palm - LowLOD - 1 Prim

ANIMESH (companion) (rezzable and wearable) Animesh animates with your avatar, when you walk, run, or stay inactive. It's the same pet to wear (add) or rez on floor. Land Impact varies but in general , we are near 40 li.

MENU ------- Right click on your companion, more, touch to have access to the menu where you will find the options of the animal that you bought. Some options can change on models. Here's the full list

Colors Menu: - 3 Fur Colors - 3 Eyes Colors - 8 Collars Colors - 7 Metals Colors Settings Menu: - Collar visible or invisble - Sounds : Enable and volume change Animations Menu: - Loop animation , chose the one you want your dog plays - Toggle Menu will allow you to not play the animation you don't want on your dog. - 16 statics poses ( for picture f.e) Name Menu: - Hidden ( you will not see the name) - Change - Random will whose a name for you - Chose the colors of the name tag

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