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Na paz e na tranquilidade, é onde eu quero viver

>>Decor Junction&Shutter Field<<

- DJ.SF Nikki Set - Wood - MF PG ad

Sofa LI 7

Char LI 4

Single sits & m/f cuddles

Texture change pillows and cushions

Copy - Mod

Available at Cosmopolitan Event

- Decor Junction Pergola with Curtains

Sit an relax in the garden under the Pergola

Copy - Mod

Available at the mainstore


- [IK] Sweet October

Sweet October Set

7LI (Linked)

Copy - Modify - No Transfer

Exclusive eBento Event

Table belongs to [IK] Wicker World Set AD

Available at the mainstore

In World

>> Dreamland Designs<<

- Shabby Metal Lantern Set

3 Metal Lantern In Different Tones scripted Candle Flames Material Enabled

Available at the mainstore

>>Zen Creations<<

- Trendy Hanging Lamps

2 prims each lamp. Touch to resize

- Sweetheart Pouf

Poufs change color and size using a HUD (see photo)

10 Pouf fabric changes. Blanket can be tinted to any color in spectrum. Pouf and blanket change texture separately.

24 couples kissing/cuddle animations 3 prims per pouf

In World

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