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Seria muito pedir que o verão fosse o ano todo?

Atualizado: 18 de ago. de 2021

>>Dreamland Designs<<

- Vintage Summer Gacha with Gacha Garden

Gacha Garden round Starts 1st August 2021

5 items.. 1 Ultrarare(Bento animations)2 Rares(Bento)1 GOI(you recieve a GOI after every 10th Pull and is not available after event ends)

Material Enabled Transfer Only

In World


- GOOSE - White garden wall

- 3 wall type

- 3 pillar types

- Gate

- Light

All pieces 1 LI each

100% orignal mesh

Copy & Mod

Available at the Main Store


- Aphrodite - Floating Bar

A super fun floating bar for parties, regardless where... your beach, your pool, your lake? No problemn, this bar weorks everywhere you need tasty snacks and drinks!

This floater bar offers 12 food and drink to attach to you and animat you eating or drinking.

In World

>>Zen Creations<<

- Bohemian Pohodli Pod Room (Adult & PG Menus)

Set changes color and size using a HUD (see photo). Each pillow, blanket, outer pod area, table, plant pots, wall cloth and wool rug texture change separately. Unlimited texture change combinations! 29 pillow fabric changes, each pillow changes separately. 24 blanket fabric changes, 5 rug fabric changes, 9 cloth art changes, 4 lamp changes, 5 pot changes, 11 wicker changes, 4 table wood changes. Unlimited texture change combinations!

ADULT MENU (202 couple animations, 10 singles):

SEX: (50 couple animations) Categories: Facing, Behind, Riding, Standing PLEASURE: (60 couple animations) Categories: Please her, Please him, Mutual, Playtime CONNECT: (79 couple animations) Categories: Bonding, Kissing, Soft Touch, Laying, Sitting, Sleep ANAL: (13 couple animations) Single sits: (10 single avatar sits) Categories: Sits Avatar 1, Sits Avatar 2

Set includes (all items are re sizable):

- Pod (with adult menu), 10 prims - Lamp, 3 prims - Hooka, 3 prims - Guitar and stand, 2 prims total - Plants, 2 prims each, one of the plants is 5 prims - Table, 1 prim - Rugs, 3 or 2 prims each - Wall cloth, 6 prims - Beads texture prim, 1 prim - Hanging lights, 1 prim each strand


All items are copy/mod except the pod. Pod is copy only but resizes fast and easy using the HUD

In World


- [Kres] Safari Sprinklers

Original mesh

Pink and Blue version included

Touch their sprinklers to turn them on/off

Available at Man Cave

In World

>>The Little Branch<<

- LB Beaked Hazelnut Tree Animated 4 Seasons

Compliment your landscape with our sturdy Young Oak series, The Young Oak is a great accent to many of Little Branch's creations!

The Young Oak is 100% mesh and includes an easy to use menu changer with four seasons. Realistic textures, copy/mod, reasonable prims and perfect for any season!

-Props at the scene NOT included.

-Prims: 3 Li to 7 Li depend on the Size. Default Size had 6Li.

- LB_RedLeafShrub{Animated}*mesh

Available at the Main Store

In World

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