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Crowded Homes / Erfe Arch / Krescendo

The Aura penthouse is more than just a luxurious Beige-themed skybox; it's a spacious haven designed for families, friends, and all your virtual dreams. 

What's waiting for you in this grand home? 

- 4 Spacious bedrooms [1 master]

- 2 Bathrooms, 1 Powder room

- Balcony- Built-in kitchen

- Interactive refrigerator

- Interactive luxurious shutters

- Realistic outlets, light switches, AC vents

- Realistic laundry room + Drying rack 

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

- Matilda Livingroom Set ADULT 45 LI [Erfe Design]

This fresh comfy new design comes in fatpack and you can buy it with adult or PG versions with HQ animations.

All the set is 42 prims.

You can rezz it all together or piece by piece in order to fulfill your needs.

The set is copy, modify and no transfer.

Available at the mainstore

- Matilda TV Set 22 LI with Media [Erfe Design]

Tv Media Enabled


With Books

Available at the mainstore

- [Kres] Dice Seat

It's available in bento animated Adult or PG version and the adult version includes aeros, It's Not Mine, Physics cock and V and Lovebridge compatibility! 

The texture hud lets you change to 18 plain or 20 special colours and you can mix/match the dots and the dice.

Available at Fameshed

- LAVIARA - Sarai Wall Panel

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