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Crowded Homes / Erfe Arch / Zadig / Zaker

- Crowded Homes ~ Vivo work set

PG or Adult versions.

- Vivo chair [Adult] is compatible with Physics & v-bento, offering 9 adult categories and over 70 adult animations, complete with realistic facial animations. The chair is available in three different colors for individual purchase, or you can opt for the fatpack, which includes a touch-to-texture option. 

- Vivo Work Desk, available in three stylish colors, features a captivating moss display encased behind glass within the desk. 

- Vivo Monitor Set includes a branded Crowded Homes monitor, Branded Crowded Homes studio PC, keyboard with two texture options, a mouse, and an outlet cube with cables, adding a touch of realism to your workspace. 

- Vivo Diffusers, a multi-color set designed to set the perfect environment. 

- Vivo Wall Light, a stunning glass fixture with a touch function for on and off, featuring glass materials for an elegant touch.

Available at Equal10

- Love Stair 9 LI [Erfe Design]


With All Decoratives

Available at the mainstore

- Abstract Creams Painting Set [Erfe Design]


HQ Textures

With Bumb & Reflections

Available at the mainstore

- ZADIG. "Jean" Transparent Speaker


Available at the mainstore

- ZAKER : Andrea Bed Collection

From 1LI to 11 LI

Pg & Adult Animations

Multple color options

Available at Uber Event

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