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Crowded Homes / Erfe Arch / Zadig

This 2-story studio space boasts an open floor plan, featuring:

- 1 glass bathroom

- PBR glass + floor


- Permissions: Mod, Copy

- Land Impact (LI):46

- Size: 19x18

Most budget-friendly and minimalist creation yet, tailored for the single or couple seeking a touch of luxury.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace


With decoratives and wall decor

copy & modify

 Available at the mainstore and marketplace

■ Sofa (single, couples & adult animations)

■ Floor Lamp (light control menu)

■ Coffee Table

■ Bad Rabbit Toy

■ 2x Vase

■ Picture framed

■ Side table

■ Earth globe

■ Bean Bad (single animations)

■ Ottoman (single & adult animations)

■ Magazine decor

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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