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Crowded Homes / 777 Motors

- Copy, Modify, No transfer.

- Land Impact (LI): 1-2

Experience the future of privacy and style with our Ultra Modern Fence Kit. This sleek and minimalist fence kit offers optimal security without sacrificing aesthetics.


- HD Materials

- Interactive Gates

- 4 Modular Pieces

Products Included:

- Car Gate

- Pillar

- Fence

- Entry Gate

Available at the mainstore and marketplace


- Permissions: Mod, Copy

- Land Impact (LI): 83

- Size: 25X25

The Domelle Villa by Crowded Homes is a sleek and modern residence, featuring HD materials that enhance the realism of glass, flooring, and the bathroom and a full built in animated kitchen with props.This virtual dwelling offers a stylish and inviting ambiance with its one-bedroom, one-bathroom layout, open garage, loft, and abundant use of glass, ensuring a bright and airy atmosphere flooded with light.


- HD materials [ Glass, Floors, Bathroom]

- Loft Space

- 1 Bedroom

- 1 Bathroom

- Built in animated kitchen + props [PG]

- Interactive Frige

- Interactive Gas Stove

- Working Sink

- Open Garage

- AC Vents

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

- [777] DARIO II [multi color]


27 Body Colors

3 Rim Metals

2 Interior Options

Realistic Lights & Sounds

Poses or Animations for Driver + Passenger

Customizable License Plates + Working Butterfly Doors

My Store

Global Fuel System + GTFO! Plugin in [multi paint] version only

Copy + Mod In[multi color] version only

Baked Textures + Materials

Try a DEMO at 777 Mainstore    

Available at TMD


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