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Chez Moi / Erfe Arch & Design

- CHEZ MOI Cosi Jacuzzi

This whimsically designed jacuzzi is perfect for a small and modern bathroom!

♥ Touch the faucet to display the hot tub menu – bubbling water in motion, particle steam, and hot tub sounds for a realistic experience.

The Cosi Jacuzzi has room for 1-2 people and includes: ♥ 44 single animations (female and male)

♥ 44 animations for couples in love (22 x 2)

♥ 60 sex poses (30 x 2) – Only in Adult version

♥ Several “wearable” and automatic Rezzing Props – attached when an animation is chosen

♥ Control by menu ♥ Adjustable Poses ♥ Functionality SWAP

♥ Specification: 8 land impact


Available at Cosmopolitan Event

⮞ Budha 3 colored

⮚ All the furniture is 100% original mesh. ⮚ Decorate your home or office with elegance and a unique style.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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