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Eu amo o aconchego do meu lar

Atualizado: 18 de ago. de 2021

>>Bob Creations<<

- {Bob} The Real Wardrobe (1)

The functional wardrobe that is more then decoration. Get dress with 1 click!

Copy & Mod

The wardrobe that actually helps you getting dressed in SL!

Requires a RLV enabled viewer to work!

FEATURES: - Store up to 58 outfits - 1 click outfit change - Smart categorization and filtering - Works with anything (mesh, system layer, tattoos, or even body parts)! - Can only be opened and used by its owner - It knows what you have in your #RLV folder - Customizable #RLV folder locations - No need to edit any notecards to add outfits - Setup a outfit in less then 1 minute

Important note: To use the wardrobe properly you will have to make pictures (in-world).

In World

>>Zen Creations<<

- Art Shelves:

- Rain Flower Art Shelf

- Forest Art Shelf

- Ocean Flower Art Shelf

Accessorize your walls with our beautiful art shelves.

2 prims total for all frames and shelf together. Touch to resize.

Copy & Mod.

- Eccentric Sofa Set (Adult Menu)

Set changes color and size using a HUD (see photo).

Each pillow, blanket, pouf, curtain and rug texture change separately, main sofa area and curtains can also be tinted to any color in spectrum. Unlimited texture change combinations! Sofa pillows hide/show on touch.

ADULT MENU (178 couple animations, 27 singles):

SEX: (50 couple animations) Categories: Facing, Behind, Riding, Standing PLEASURE: (60 couple animations) Categories: Please her, Please him, Mutual, Playtime CONNECT: (55 couple animations) Categories: Kissing, Soft Touch, Pamper, Laying, Sitting, Sleep ANAL: (13 couple animations) SINGLES SOFA: (17 single avatar sits) Categories: Sits Avatar 1, Sits Avatar 2 SINGLES POUF: (10 single avatar sits)

Set includes (all items are re sizable):

- Sofa (with adult menu), pillows hide/show on touch, 11 prims - Sofa table, 4 prims - Pouf with 10 solo animations, 2 prims - Curtains, 5 prims each set - Rug, 3 prims - Vase with tulips, 2 prims total - Jar, 1 prim - Book stack, 3 prims total - Chandelier, 6 prims - Art work, 3 prims total for all pieces


All items are copy/mod except sofa. Sofa is copy only but resizes fast and easy using the HUD

In World

>>Bloom! Furniture & Decor<<

- Bloom! - Rabbit Lamp Blue

Also availabel in Pink and Salmon

Copy & Mod

Decor only

- Bloom! - Deco Tray Beige

Available in 3 colors

Copy & Mod

Decor only

In World

>>North Oak<<

- [North Oak] + Sleepy Corgi Planters

Sleepy Corgi Planters available at the main store

In World

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