• Priscilla Van Hyden

O bom humor de hoje é patrocinado pelo café.

>>Bloom! Furniture & Decor<<

- Bloom! - Planter purple

Copy - Mod

4 LI each


Decor only

Available in the mainstore and MP



- [Kres] Tipton Toaster

The new interactive toaster lets you toast bread, crumpets or waffles! Just be careful you don't leave them too long after they pop or they will burn! :o

Click the toaster when it pops to grab a wearable plate of your delicious breakfast, but be quick!

It comes with a hud to change the toaster to 8 different colors or 4 patterns as well as 3 different metal options.

Also included are decor versions of all the plates and the toaster.

→ 4 & 1 land impact

Available in the mainstore and MP



Lagom - Fuzzyrugs

Lagom - Fuzzyrugs Cat / Moom / Square / Retangle / Heart / Diamond / Border / Bear / Star / Round (Copy / Mod / No Transfer)

Lagom - Fuzzyrugs [Hud] ( Copy / No Mod / No Transfer )

Available at Blanc. Event

- Lagom - Nora backdrop

Lagom - nora Backdrop Materials Copy / Mod / NT

Lagom - nora Backdrop No Materials Copy / Mod / NT

In Black, blue, green , withe and pink colors

Available at the maisntore



Raindale - But first, Coffee fullset @The Food Court.

But first, Coffee set includes:

Chairs (3 colours, 3Li each, solo sit animations, lights on/off on touch *can be unlinked)

Table and stool (2Li each, solo sit animations and poses)

Wall decor and sign (1Li each, bean with light on/off on touch)

Available as fullset or individual packs!

♦ Permissions are copy|modify|no-transfer

♦ some objects show as no-modify due to the scripts inside, but you can resize, tint and change it anyway you like!

Available at The Food Court


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