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Bloom / Little Branch

Single bento female * Seq

Single bento male * Seq

Bento Couples * Seq

Bento Adult * Seq

Materials Enabled

Copy - Mod


Available at the mainstore and marketplace

- LB_Olive Tree Shrub{Animated}Seasons_Pack

Olive Tree Shrubs are evergreen with a nice bushy shape. Despite their Mediterranean allure, these are tough plants that can be used for hedging or ornamental use. They are 100% mesh with detailed, realistic textures and gently animated leaves, making them a perfect addition to your ever-growing Little Branch collection. You have a choice of 3 seasons to choose from including; Spring, Summer, and Autumn, just touch the shrub for a pop-up menu and make your selection. Land Impact is 4LI, but as permissions are both Copy & Modify, you can adapt them to suit your landscaping and gardening needs. There are complimentary landscaping items also inside the box.

Available at the mainstore

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