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Beauty Factory / .:: Dream ::.

>>Beauty Factory<<

- .BF. Peach Top FATPACK

For Maitreya , Pepite, Legacy, Perky, Kupra, eBody Reborn

Available at ACCESS Event


>> .:: Dream ::. <<

- .:: Dream ::. Brienne Shape - Lelutka EvoX Avalon

Shape is for LeLUTKA EvoX Avalon Head 3.1

In this pack Contain: ✦ 1 Shape for Lelutka EvoX Avalon 3.1 | Legacy Perky [modify/copy] ✦ 1 Eyebrows [modify/copy] ✦ StyleCard

Permissions: ✔ Copy ✔ Modifiy ✖ Transfer

Important: ✦ Remember, to have the complete look, like in the ad, you have to wear all the items listed in this stylecard! ✦ You need to wear the correct head and skin, the shape was made for Lelutka EvoX Avalon and won't look the same with other heads and skins! ✦ We don't refund, unless you double purchase the same item! ✦ There is no DEMO for this shape. ✦ Mesh Head, Skin & Body NOT INCLUDED

Available on the marketplace

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