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Arte Decor / Square / Zadig

- Arte Decor: Aura Collection Set


- Copy/Mod

- Texture Menu For All Items

- 7 Fabric Chair Colors

- 2 Table Options (Black & White)

- Bento Animations and Chair Props

- Pendant Light Metals (Black, Gold & Silver)

- Decorative Rug

- Table Sculpture (Marble & Mixed Stone)

Available at the mainstore

- [ SQUARE ] - NORA Wall Panel FATPACK

► Perfectly suitable as feature wall for your bedrooms or Living room areas.\

► 4 versions, each comes with multiple texture options

► HD material enabled textures, 2 - 4 Li at full size, c m nt

Available at Dubai Event

- ZADIG. "The Astra Condo" Skybox

- Complete Environment control HUD

- Full functional bathroom

- Best viewed with PBR Enabled viewer

Available at the Mainstore

- ZADIG. "Novus" Living Room Fatpack

Available at the Mainstore

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