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Atualizado: 18 de ago. de 2021


<Heart Homes> Spring Joy Bed - PG

A gorgeous oversized bed, to cuddle and dream on

Based on a metal frame, and decorated with a lightchain, this bed revels on gorgeous detail.

The blanket actually covers your avatars on the sleep poses,

3 fabric schemes to fit it your room (see pics).

The set is complete by 2 nightstand with working, switchable, soft nightlights, 2 well deco and a bench with its own poses.

60 LI total (31 LI bed)


-Bench: 6 Solo 14 Couple

-Bed: Couple PG: 60 Props: 10


<Aphrodite> Vintage glam couple chair ADULT

An elegant, vintage wooden chairm just enough for two! Vintage white wood, three changeable vintage fabric tectures.

The ADULT poseset has 135 animations and 5 props, from gentle cuddle to fiery sex.

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