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♥E em um instante, nossos corações se tornaram apenas um♥

Atualizado: 18 de ago. de 2021

This complete classy wedding ceremony set includes absolutely everything that you may need for your wedding ceremony, even all the animations!

The set includes:

♥ 3 types of Wedding Chair (2-5 LI) The chairs have 15 Poses / 1 Prop each, for male, female, but also for children! Kids usually gets bored a lot on weddings, well not anymore by using this chair! We had added a lot of custom made animations for children to have fun like pointing a flying seagull or butterfly, catching a butterfly and playing with it and many more. This will make adults grin for sure! as well.

♥Wedding Couple Chaise (3 LI) The chaises have 2x9 solo poses and 3 couple poses, they are made for couple guests not wanting to sit alone on 2 chairs.

♥ White Roses Petals runner (7 LI)

♥ Wedding gazebo with many flowers and lights. (23 LI)

♥ Wedding - Chandelier (9 LI)

♥ Wedding altar: fully animated, no poseballs, with adjustable poses. Contains a total of 17 animations, many got the couple (groom & bride) like reading bows, holding hands, putting ring to her, putting rings to him and romantic final kiss, and also 7 custom made good animations for a minister, which also includes a bible as automatic wearable prop. Minister may switch animation and where to stand, if in front or behind the altar, during the wedding ceremony. (4 LI)

This is a beautiful, classic elegant set, very versatile because you may use for multiple weddings or vow renewal after as well.

Total LI as Shown: 221 LI / Minimum (1 chair each) 72 LI

Compliment your landscape with our sturdy Young Oak series, The Young Oak is a great accent to many of Little Branch's creations!

The Young Oak is 100% mesh and includes an easy to use menu changer with four seasons. Realistic textures, copy/mod, reasonable prims and perfect for any season!

-Props at the scene NOT included.

-Prims: 3 Li to 7 Li depend on the Size. Default Size had 6Li.

The gorgeous White Ash Tree is native to eastern United States and Canada. They are big, beautiful, branching shade trees that turn glorious shades of colour depending on the seasons. Gently animated tree with realistic textures and thick foliage, this tree is perfect for your gardens and landscapes. They are 100% mesh and come with a choice of four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Land Impact is 3 - 7 but as permissions are Copy & Modify, you can resize to suit your needs.

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