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Antaya / Petrichor

:: ANTAYA ::

- ANTAYA - Fur outfit -Zelda

- Maitreya - Legacy\Perky

Available at the mainstore

- ANTAYA - Unisex desmodus mask

Copy / Mod / No transfer

Available at Midnight Order

- ANTAYA - Group gift - Bom dirt

Unisex bom dirt Light and dark version - face only - body only - face + body

Available at the mainstore

- ANTAYA - Leather top and panties -Inga

Legacy and Maitreya

Available at the mainstore


>> Petrichor <<

Petrichor & Erch

- [P&E]- Larais Skull

100% Custom Mesh & Textures

Material Enabled

HUD Controlled

Animated Hold on Attach

Modify, Resizable, Unisex

Mod/ Copy / No Transfer

Available at Warehouse



- RAWR! Ave Satanas PIXIE S Earrings



- Stealthic - Lethal

>> Place <<

- Taure Ru

Taure Ru is a gorgeous medieval fantasy role-play region filled with underground cities, mazes, castles all in a dark setting of orcs, unseelie, drow, and dragons.

Be a warrior, wizard, ranger, or druid and save a life or bring about a cataclysm.

It is your story!

Come explore and join in the ongoing story of this mysterious land.


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