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Amias / Kaithleen's

- amias - SOMI top

For Maitreya Lara & Petite, Legacy & Perky, Reborn

Available at the mainstore

- Kaithleen's Shine Jeans

The newest Uber round just opened and we are featuring extra fun Shine Jeans! The front part includes a great portion of cut out making them low cut with a sexy waist belt, while the back part nicely contours butt with high waist finish! ❤ The design is fitted for : Maitreya Lara - Lara Petite - Legacy - L. Perky - eBody Reborn - R. Juicy Boobs - R. Juicy Rolls + WAIFU - R. Waifu - Belleza X.Gen Classic - Belleza X.Gen Curvy - Kupra Original ❤ You can grab separate single color of the jeans for 289 L$ of fatpack of the jeans for 1299 L$ including 14 colors.

Available at Uber Event

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