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Acrid / Krescendo

- Acrid. curve lamp

Copy / Mod / No Transfer


8 Colors

Available at the mainstore

- Kres] Castle Throne

Available in: Adult & PG versions

Comes with a texture HUD with 18 colours & 12 pattern themes to mix / match

Bento animated - Adult version has Aeros. Physics Cock & V. Its not mine e Lovebridge interation Allowing connection to lovense toys!


Copy / Mod with materials enabled

Avaliable at Kinky Event

- [Kres] Guitar Stand

Rock out with our Guitar Stand! It includes a pink, white, blue, monotone, camo, cow, magic, and pastel version. It's a 4Li decor item that is copy/mod, but if you resize it might change the land impact. You can get yours at this round of Man Cave

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