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When the dark night appears and everything turns into evil, just remember it’s Halloween!

│T│L│C│ - Shop and Hop - Oct 01-31

Enjoy 20 -50% off regular store prices. The 2021 Halloween Shop & Hop event will run from October 1-31.

This photorealistic Crow is a 100% mesh item with a 1 prim land impact which is also wearable. To get you in Halloween mood, we included a mesh grave to place it on.

The crow is animated, opens and closes its beak, and also comes with the typical Crow call sound, which can be turned on/ off by the owner with a simple touch.

We've made it so the head is animated, with the advantage that it will cause practically zero lag and will not be excluded due to the covenants that exist on some homesteads with regards to animals.

Furthermore the set comes with copy permissions generally as well as modify permissions for the crow (and the grave), so you can resize; You can use the items independently.

YOUR DELIVERY PACK INCLUDES: - linked object Crow sitting on grave (3 Prims) - Crow, standing, animated, sound on/off (1 Prim) - *Crow, wearable, animated, sound on/off (1 Prim) - Grave, copyable (2 Prims)

*Note: I attached the wearable version on the left shoulder, you can change the attachment location by right clicking on the wearable version in your inventory, select 'attach to' and then select a different attachment location

Available at the Shop and Hop - Oct 01-31

This 'ready-to-rezz', 100% mesh pond set features TLC animated black swans, scorpions and redback spiders. The set includes a mausoleum, black water with moonlight reflection, stepping stones, floating candles, skull, candles with candle holders. It comes with copy modify permissions, LI is 42 prims (without animals, for LI see images).

Best: You don't need to worry about terraforming or assembly - Just rezz and enjoy! (perfect for platforms or roof gardens)

Available at the Shop and Hop - Oct 01-31

100% Mesh item including gate and animated dragons.

Furthermore the set comes with copy permissions generally as well as modify permissions, so you can resize.

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