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777 Motors / Vinyl

- [777] Garry [multi paint]


26 Body-Paints: 20 Plain Colors & 6 Two-Tone Paints

Realistic Sounds & Lights

Poses or Animations for Driver + 3 Passengers

Customizable License Plates

Windos & Acessories Options


Global Fuel System

GTFO! with Visible Cargo Plugin in [multi paint] version only

Copy + MOD

Try a DEMO at 777 Mainstore

Available at UBER Event

- Vinyl - Senku Cardigan Pak

Fatpak comes with Modify/Copy version & is customizable via the included HUD. Fatpak also includes 4 bonus heart patterns. Each single purchase comes with the option of white or black undershirt.

Compatible with Maitreya Lara & Petite, Legacy OG & Perky, Ebody Reborn & Waifu.

Available at UBER Event

- BaoBao ~ Strawberry Ice Plats

Compatible with Maitreya Mid, Legacy High & Ebody Reborn Mid.

Available at Kawaii Project

- Vinyl/geek. - Potter Cup DECOR - House

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