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777 Motors / TLC


ACV v7

With fx + ink ball cannon

full version with many color combinations

single colorway LITE version sold separately

DEMO Available at the mainstore

Available at Uber Event

This dolphin is feedable, free-swimming/ roaming, with a 2 prim land impact per dolphin, animated and copyable. The feeder bucket with fish (2 LI) is included in your set.

PLEASE NOTE: The dolphin's primary purpose is to interact with the owner (feeding), and to stay in close promixity to the beach. It is not intended to swim big distances. Please view the demo at the store, if you are unsure. The direct product link is provided below the description.

The dolphins come with copy modify permissions, so you can resize.

Your delivery pack consits of: - dolphin, 2 prim each, copyable - feeder bucket with fish, 2 prims LI, copy modify - a detailed instruction how to set up the dolphins and how to feed them

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

This photorealistic egret is a 100% mesh item with an 1 prim land impact and is animated.

We've made it so the head is animated, with the advantage that it will cause practically zero lag and will not be excluded due to the covenants that exist on some homesteads with regards to animals.

It furthermore comes with copy permissions generally as well as modify permissions for the egret, so you can resize.

Available at the mainstore and marketplace

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